Welcome to ALES. We offer a wide range of services to Universities and Publishers. Whether you are a University looking for setting up a cutting edge digital library or a Publisher seeking a reliable local partner to promote their products in Bangladesh, ALES will assist you to achieve your goals.

Services for print books

ALES is proud to be partnered with Taylor and Francis Group publishers to promote their print books in Higher Education institutions in Bangladesh. Please click on the link above for more details.

Digital Library Services

We offer eBooks, eJournals and online References from various publishers. Our services also include a setting up a modern digital library. Please click on the link above for more details.

Services for Publishers

We offer tailored local services, promote products and organise training workshops to customers. We keep our partners updated with the latest market information for their strategic decisions.

What makes ALES stand out?

ALES is a young and innovative company, who provide a wide range of educational resources and services in Bangladesh, all under one roof. Our local knowledge and international connections ensure that we offer personalised and specialist services to help academic libraries and partners achieve their goals. We offer the latest academic resources and specialist knowledge to libraries who wish to set up or improve their digital library, whilst promoting our global publishing partners’ products around Bangladesh.